Gallery 3E

The current show “Street View” features works by 7 different artists. Each artist created a 360-degree photograph displaying their work, these 360-degree photographs were then uploaded to Google Maps where anyone can see them. Some artists chose to photograph their work in their studio while some decided to photograph their work in a different setting. While a website is not the ideal setting to view art often neither is a white cube.

The featured artists in this exhibition are Makia Sharp, Hannah Fletcher, Nina Valdera, Lauren Williams, Tabitha Arnold, Elana Mallov, and Tess Wei.

Gallery 3E is a virtual gallery space originally physically based in New York. The initial layout of the space is based on the original space which was my apartment. In 2020 Gallery 3E was started without anyone being able to visit but later moved online where it solely resides now. The layout of the space is subject to change depending on the show. After each show has run it will be archived and remain visible.